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LouisSo You’ve Brought Home a New Dog … Now What?

You’ve just walked in the door with your new best friend and your tummy does that flip-flop thingy.  You’ve been home for less than 15 minutes and he’s already peed on the carpet, played roughly with every toy you bought… read more.


How to Find the Best Dry Dog Food– The Whole Dog Journal

The food you give your dog plays a critical role in his well-being, both on a daily basis and long-term. He needs a diet with the right nutrients to keep him active, happy, and healthy. And make no mistake: Not all dog foods are created equal… read more.

The Science Behind Positive Training

Our understanding of how dogs think, feel and learn is constantly evolving. The more heavy-handed approaches that were so commonly used in dog training decades ago were borne out of an attempt to… read more.

Critics Challenge ‘Dog Whisperer’ Methods

JonBee jumps up at Cesar Millan, his sharp teeth snapping repeatedly. Millan calmly yanks on the leash and pulls the wolf-like Korean Jindo away. This continues for over a minute, with Millan’s face remaining undisturbed… read more.


Reward Training vs. Discipline-Based Dog Training

When you decide that you want to modify the behavior of your dog (or another human being) there is one fundamental decision that you must make-namely are you going to base your training methods on rewards… read more.